Fayrie Handmade

Welcome to Fayrie Handmade,

Have you ever seen the tag “Made in Vietnam” on various pieces of garment you bought in stores? I was one of the professional pattern makers making these clothes! I left my job, moved to Canada in 2018 and started my career again as an indie pattern maker. I did not want to leave behind my favorite job, but I also did not want to be just another pattern maker who makes patterns for other’s designs anymore. I want to make patterns for my own designs! That is why I started a small store in Toronto and began making custom made clothing for my dear clients.

I have a great love for DIY projects - sewing, embroidery, pattern-making, etc. I found that there are a lot of people like me, looking for a place to buy their craft supplies, and also the finished handmade items. That is why this page comes to existence. I just want to have a place where I can share with you the sewing patterns that I have made, the finished embroidery arts, or anything that I make myself.

I just love how inspirations turn into real, beautiful items that you are proud to take along with you. That's why I hope you will enjoy shopping with Fayrie Handmade, and get your inspiration realized.

Happy shopping!