Need to buy in bulk? We have new options!

We have been receiving lots of emails asking about face mask making supplies and filters in bulk, and we understand that the need for making masks for yourself, families, for donations and even for sale is huge. So, starting from Monday, May 25, 2020, we will start taking orders of large quantities.

Now you can buy elastic in pounds instead of yards, and it's a totally different story because 1 pound of soft elastic equals about 500 yards. And nose wire, one pound means you have a whooping amount of 400 yards! Non-woven fabric can also be sold in pounds - remember this is a very light weight non-woven fabric, only 30-40 grams per square meters, so for one pound, you'll get 10-15 square meters (about 65-100 yards, because the fabric is only 17cm/6.7in wide).

Of course, the price for bulk buying mask making materials will be so much better than retail price. So, if you are making a lot of masks, or gathering orders with friends, we recommend you to buy in bulk.

Remember, we offer free standard shipping on all orders from US$75.00 and up. Orders before 12:00PM will be shipped on the same day.

Now, grab this opportunity and get stocked up! Our stock is getting low fast!

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