Custom made face masks for weddings

It is wedding season, and many couples are eagerly waiting for their big day despite the prevalence of the COVID 19 pandemic. We at FayrieCrafts have received quite some orders on wedding face masks - for the bride, the groom and also for the guests.

These are the masks from our latest order for wedding face masks - 20 white linen face masks for ladies and 20 navy linen face masks for gentlemen. The masks are used as gifts for the wedding guests. We believe they will find this a pleasant and practical gift.

If you are wondering where you can get high quality face masks for your most important event in your life, please contact us. We are experienced face mask makers - providing the plain colored face masks as well as meticulously embroidered face masks.

All face masks are made in Vancouver, Canada by a small family business. We are happy to contribute to your perfect wedding!

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